Complex, manual processes are a bottleneck to efficiency. We’re here to change that.

If you’re an organisation or businesses using systems that pull in multiple data feeds, there’s a great chance that your current approach to validation, document creation, and automation means inefficient manual processes that cost more, and waste time and resources.

What is CIRC8?

CIRC8 is a powerful, end-to-end solution to streamlining manual business processes and improving efficiency through intelligent and powerful automation and technology.

CIRC8 enables the streamlining of processes through the automation of manual elements, including but not limited to, validation, certification and document creation, for organisations that want to really run as efficiently as possible.


Process Automation

Circ8 is a revolutionary solution to automation and efficiency



The visibility and control that CIRC8 brings means that you can easily identify bottlenecks to efficiency, and subsequently the elements of the system that would benefit from automation.



The CIRC8 platform will then automate your processes and reduce or eliminate all of the time-consuming tasks and processes associated with organising, validating and transmitting documentation and information. The platform can also be completely white-labelled to fully encompass your branding.



The end result? A more efficient business, simpler processes, reduced pressure on resources and reduced costs. All giving business owners more time, space and the peace of mind to focus on other key areas such as growth and innovation.

Why choose CIRC8?

Super-fast onboarding and quick to adapt

An incomparable ability to identify, action and implement solutions and our ability to flex and shift in this industry are key. We are quick to adapt and react - we’ll even have you fully onboarded in 1-3 days.

Caters to our customers’ bespoke needs

We’re incredibly flexible and will work with you to adapt our service as necessary so that you’re able to use the CIRC8 system to optimise efficiency, all while packaging it up in your organisation’s name and branding so that you can build better relationships with your customers.

Great value for money

The ROI regarding time, resources and in turn money, more than pays for the software.

Automates complex manual processes

Effortlessly and flawlessly automate complex manual processes, saving time, resources, cost and effort.

Expertly utilises technology

A system designed to create better, more efficient processes – consistently introducing and applying new technological approaches to better solve an existing problem or a new problem altogether.

An arsenal of unique and powerful resources

Adopting the very best platforms, such as Sharepoint and Microsoft Azure to name but a few, is a key part of our approach and gives us the ultimate capability to scale and continue to develop the software and platform for our customers.


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